WEBINAR: Increase Qualified Referrals with LinkedIn

WEBINAR: How to Get Qualified Referrals with LinkedIn – Business Advisor Edition  

 Thursday, July 19th at 11:00AM CDT 

ALL attendees will receive 5 qualified business owner leads



BONUS: Complimentary Webcast Covers NEW Features Just Released from LinkedIn - PLUS All Attendees Get Scored Referrals

We have all received referrals, but what is a good referral? We will explore the clues that differentiate the good, the bad and the ugly referrals that we all experience.  

Now what if you could score your referrals prior to contact to know that they are a good fit? Join us for this complimentary webinar to learn the new techniques for using LinkedIn to find the companies that are ready for your advisory services. We will show you how to find new clients, how to know what they need, and how to score and qualify those referrals before you even contact them. This webinar is a game changer!

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Accountants & Attorneys
  • Business Consultants  
  • Financial & Wealth Advisors
  • Commercial Bankers and Insurance 
  • Professionals seeking business owners

You Will Learn How to...

  • Find qualified business owners/leaders
  • Search referrals by industry/location/title
  • Attract businesses needing your service
  • Generate qualified referrals
  • Easily score and qualify referrals


An effective LinkedIn ROI calculator so you can determine how much time you need to generate great referrals. It’s fare less than you think!


ALL attendees will receive 5 qualified business owner leads, targeted by industry, location, and size. 

About Social Jack™

The Social Jack™ Team has coached and trained over 100,000 professionals on developing their Business Influence, Social Selling techniques and Digital Lead Conversion. Learn from the best and see how you can become THAT professional who’s personal brand stands out. The Social Jack™ Team has provided training for individual advisors, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations such as EPI (Exit Planning Institute), AMAA (Alliance of M&A Advisors), MBBI (Midwest Business Brokers and Intermediaries), Southern California Institute (SCI) and more.

Meet Your Instructor

Dean DeLisle is the Founder and CEO of Forward Progress and the creator of Social Jack, the number one Influencer Development & Social Selling Platform for Business Advisors in the world. Dean has developed training programs and services to help organizations and professionals become an influence in an ever-changing and noisy digital world. He and his team have delivered over 2,000 education based webcasts and live events, elevating and showcasing Influencers, over the last 15 years. 

dean delisle

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